Owner & President
E-mail: brian@perpetualhomecare.com
Brief info

Brian is a North Carolina native, growing up in Eastern NC. He received his undergraduate degree from East Carolina University in 1995.

He began his professional career at Central Carolina Bank, where he met his fantastic future wife, Blair. He then moved to First Union Bank (later became Wachovia Bank) and spent the next 14 years there, where he learned the importance of customer service excellence and building meaningful relationships. He graduated from Meredith College with a Masters of Business in 2005 and that began his desire for Blair and him to start their own business.

The idea for Perpetual Home Care was born in 2007 as a result of a family situation they were handling. It was then that Blair and he decided that families should not travel this path of caring for a loved one alone. They have strived, and continue to strive, to provide the most compassionate, caring, respectful caregivers in the industry. They have a strong passion to provide the care that every family deserves and to serve as a resource for families as they navigate the overwhelming process of caring for a loved one.