Advantages people have using an agency rather than hiring a personal caregiver directly:

The agency, on an ongoing basis, assumes the responsibility for finding an experienced, responsible and caring individual. This involves screening, assessing competencies and checking references. Should there be any problems, they can call the agency and have them make any necessary changes.

Unlike private care providers, an agency carries its own liability insurance or worker’s compensation. If an accident occurs on the job, they assume the responsibility rather than the patient or the family member who hired the caregiver. If the care provider calls in sick or doesn’t show up, the agency is responsible for replacing him/her. Perpetual Home Care gets an alert immediately when a caregiver does not show up.

A family employer may be responsible for filing payroll taxes. In addition the family employer must verify that the caregiver is legally able to work in the USA.

The bottom line: Do you want the responsibility of bringing into the home of your loved one a stranger you only interviewed briefly?

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